Laporta can speak one word of Dutch, and she reveals something’secretive’ about Depay

On Thursday night, Memphis Depay was officially introduced as Barcelona’s newest addition. Depay signed his two-year contract at Camp Nou in the presence, among others, of President Joan Laporta. He briefly visited the field to perform tricks with the ball in front the camera. Later that evening, Laporta and he held a press conference from on the field.

Depay’s first words upon signing his contract were “Today is it worked.” The talks have been long, but the desire to be here has always been there. The chairman, the board and my team deserve my gratitude. This club is important to everyone. As a youngster, I knew how important this club was. My dream has been my goal for a long time. It’s great to be signed here as a 27 year-old man. I look forward to playing in a packed stadium.”

Depay’s words immediately received a response from Laporta. “Memphis said that his dream was coming true. I was told a secret by your mother that you received a present as a five-year-old from her mother. opaLaporta said “, pronouncing the Dutch word for grandfather in Dutch. “A Barcelona shirt. It was destiny. Your grandfather told you that one day you would play for Barcelona. Depay’s mother watched from the stands as Depay listened. Last month photos surfaced showing Depay as a young man wearing a Barcelona shirt with Patrick’s name on it. Kluivert on Kluivert tweeted the photos with a wink.

Depay said, with a smile, “My mom can tell that story more than I can because she was young,” But I do own that shirt. “I saw the photo and thought the same thing. It was destined. Although my grandfather is no longer here, I am sure he would be proud. You are from the Netherlands, where Johan Cruijff and other Barcelona legends influenced the style of play and ideas about football. It felt like I was welcomed here, and I want to say thank you.”


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