Lanús and Talleres, the millionaires of a pass market that only celebrates sales made long ago

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Due to the economic crisis generated by the pandemic and the uncertainty about the change in format of the tournament in the First Division, there were no large hires. And very few clubs managed to sell.

Fifteen players left Arsenal, which had been one of the pleasant surprises of the last Super League and the burden of looking at the table of averages to avoid relegation had quickly been lifted, a matter that in the short term will not make sense. Eighteen footballers left Central Córdoba for Santiago del Estero. 15. De Aldosivi left the Board, 11. Gimnasia, which is last in the averages but when the ball rolls again will look more relieved, letting 11 players go. With only these five teams and taking the 70 outputs they had so far, a general diagnosis breaks out: none was a sale. For none entered money.

Between 2004 and 2014, Talleres played four years in National B and six in Federal A, had an average income of 22 million pesos per year, of which the season ticket and tickets represented 71%, while the sale of players barely reached 8%.

In the following three years, with two promotions in a row to reach the top category and fifth place in the First Division that allowed him to qualify for the Copa Libertadores, the distribution changed: television rights increased from 4% to 16% of their annual revenues (285 million) but the sale of players was by a wide margin the most fruitful resource: it became 35%.

In this market, the Cordovan club sold players back to Europe after 20 years. Facundo Medina was transferred to Lens in France for $ 4 million gross, of which 65% remained with the club and the rest went to River, where the footballer began his career and played even in Reserve.

Andrés Cubas also emigrated to French football, to Nimes Olympique for 3,400,000. While Nicolás Giménez, a footballer who was on loan from Arsenal, went on a loan for a year with a charge of $ 550,000 gross and with a purchase option to the Baniyas Club of the United Arab Emirates.

“The crisis found the club in a situation of balance and austerity,” he remarked to Clarion Miguel Cavatorta, the director of institutional communication of the Cordoba club. And he added: “The analysis on the uncertainty of the start of the tournament promoted the decision to take care of the health of the players and the patrimony of the club. Sales represent the management model: attracting young talents, putting them in value and selling them as genuine income ”.

Lanús has been moving along that line for years, another of the few clubs that managed to activate a transfer market with little activity.

Hernan Arboleya, president of garnet football, underlines that since the sale of Esteban Andrada to Boca, the club had not made great movements in the last two markets and needed to sell.

“We always say it: Lanús is a social club with footballl. We have 650 employees, four locations. It is essential for us to sell. But at the same time we earn respect, we have a name and we try to defend the capital, the footballer ”.

The sale of Marcelino Moreno to Atlanta United had already been a balm for the treasury. Although Lanús does not publicly disclose the transaction figures, the move from Mendoza to the MLS would be around 7 million dollars. And in the last hours the loan with charge and purchase option from Lautaro Valenti to Parma was made official.

“Due to the pandemic, the market has been greatly devalued, but we knew how to defend our players and both Marcelino and Valenti are two very important and necessary transactions,” Arboleya said.

Among the most powerful clubs, for San Lorenzo the sale of Adolfo Gaich meant the financial relief it needed. Nine million dollars (the transaction was in 12 gross) entered the treasury for the sale to CSKA Moscow, of which it will collect most of it these days and in cash. And also the Cyclone he is left with 20% of a capital gain from a future sale of the 21-year-old from Cordoba, who with the Barça shirt was a starter in just 14 games.

The significant income of money will not be the trigger to go out to spend on incorporations. The squad already did them in previous markets with the arrivals of the Romero brothers as the main example, and in this edition they moved quickly at the beginning to add Franco Di Santo and Jonathan Herrera, both on loans and without charge.

River, which among others lost nothing less than Juanfer Quintero and Nacho Scocco has not yet incorporated players. Boca managed to buckle up two old acquaintances like Javier García and Edwin Cardona but was far from the high claims that arose at the beginning, among which the Chilean Mauricio Isla and the Uruguayan Edinson Cavani appeared.

Independiente suffered a bleeding of 12 players and after long negotiations achieved the first incorporations of the Pusineri era: defender Ezequiel Muñoz arrived, free from Lanús, the arrival of left-back Lucas Rodríguez, free from Tigre, has already been fastened and Sebastián Sosa will join in the goal, the former Vélez y Boca who arrives from Mazatlán, on loan and with an option to buy.


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