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Lando Norris: The mistake cost me dear


Lando Norris crashed the car in the second training session before the Tuscan Grand Prix, but hopes that there were no serious injuries.

Q: Is the incident in the second practice related to the fact that this is an old school track?
Lando Norris: Quite right. There are gravel traps here. I didn’t want to get into it, because in the end I damaged the car, and the session was over for me. The gravel makes it harder for the riders, but it should be.

Question: You probably got off easy, given the force of the blow and the scale of the damage?
Lando Norris: Yes. It looked much worse at the wheel. I guess the steering and rear of the car are slightly damaged, but thankfully nothing serious. I don’t think I have badly damaged the underbody or the rear wing. The front wing is, of course, broken. But all this is not so bad – it could be worse. I was lucky.

I made a small mistake, but it cost me dearly. Because of her, I could not work with the car with full tanks, but everything is as it is. Tomorrow we have to make up for lost time.

Q: What do you think about this track?
Lando Norris: It is fast and difficult. The asphalt is slippery here, so many have had problems – and we are no exception. We expected our pace to be higher, expected better grip, but somehow the tires hold the track very poorly. This makes it difficult for us to drive, and it is difficult for engineers and mechanics to find the right settings. It’s a little more complicated than we thought. But if we talk about the sensations behind the wheel, this is an excellent track – it is very fast, there is a lot of physical activity. An interesting challenge!

Q: Aside from your incident, how did the session go for you? Are you satisfied with the behavior of the car?
Lando Norris: Maybe not as good as we hoped before we came here. We expected to start the weekend better. I’m not saying that everything is bad with us, and the car lacks speed, but it is very difficult to work with it.

Perhaps we are inferior to some teams more than we expected. We have a lot of work to do. Today we showed 13 and 14 times, but if we do everything right tomorrow, we go through good circles, which I failed today, we will achieve better results. I am sure about that.



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