Lampard: – I’m my own biggest critic

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Chelsea manager Frank Lampard (42) believes it is important to take full responsibility and not blame others – regardless of whether you are a coach or a player.

As a player, it is very easy to look at matches and say that it was the defense’s fault, or the attack’s fault if they did not score on their chances. But in general I always say first to myself, I have always been my own biggest critic, says Lampard in an interview with.

Lampard believes that the attitude of personal responsibility must start with the coach being a role model and being honest with his players.

– I have made a lot of mistakes both on and off the field, but if you want to get better, then you have to take responsibility, the Chelsea manager continues.

– I try to look at myself and say “what could I have done there, I can not blame the players for the performance”. Of course you look at how the team does it, but I also have to take 100 percent responsibility.

Frank Lampard is in his third season as a coach, and says he is trying to learn from his homework – to build a team that is capable of lifting trophies.

– Something I have seen in football, from being a young man who tried to break through to now being a coach, is a kind of culture of accusation. I hear it often, and I will never look at things that way.

He elaborates:

– It’s important to me as a coach, and it’s a message you have to get in your head, you know you’re made a million mistakes playing yourself, that when you sit at the top of the tree, or in my office in Chelsea, to Do not think like a 21-year-old who makes the mistakes that they themselves have made and think that you are something better.


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