Lakers-Heath: The NBA Finals Schedule NBA

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The Miami Heat prevailed 125-113 today over the Celtics, finished the series 4-2 and after the Los Angeles Lakers’ qualification against the Denver Nuggets, the two of them will claim this year’s NBA championship ring.

The jambol of the first final will take place in the early hours of Thursday (1/10, 4:00).

Detailed program of the NBA finals:

Thursday (1/10) Lakers – Heat (04:00)

Saturday (3/10) Lakers – Heat (04:00)

Monday (5/10) Heat – Lakers (02:30)

Wednesday (7/10) Heat – Lakers (04:00)

Saturday (10/10) Lakers – Heat (04:00) *

Monday (12/10) Heat – Lakers (02:30) *

Wednesday (14/10) Lakers – Heat (04:00) *

*If needed


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