Lady Gaga is one of the American artists What greater pull have they achieved in music since its inception. However, success does not have to be linked to happiness, and now the singer has decided share a message of improvement with your followers with which he aims to inspire everyone.

For this, the interpreter of Chromatica used a large 50-meter sign on the facade of a building in Los Angeles, California. In the talks about the process of creating his sixth album study.

“I wrote this album when I was sad. I wrote this album when I was angry. I wrote poems about fear, and I asked my poems to sing. I heard what came from above as I had never heard it before, to move on, to keep breathing, to know that each letter was a step forward, each melody was a gift “, he relates in the first part of his message.

The interpreter of Rain on me continues relating: “Chromatica It was a dream I had that came true My art always teaches me something. Chromatica taught me to dance my way through the pain, That the pain could get better, that music was my faith. The music is my religion. People are my god. ”

In the announcement, the singer concludes by explaining the reason for the publication. “I am here to serve the world and inspire as many people as possible to rejoice no matter the circumstances.“, assures the artist.

It seems that this new job where Gaga narrates the path of darkness that has had to pass until finding the light again It can help many people get through the difficult times they may be going through.