Labor opens new chapter away from Corbyn

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He Labor Party break with the Jeremy Corby era. He new leader, Keir Starmer, calls on those who turned their backs on Labor at the polls, to cast “A new look & rdquor ;, to what had always been his party, because “we are under a new leadership & rdquor ;. Elected last March, Starmer took advantage of the closing speech of the annual Labor conference, this virtual year, without applause and ovations, to mark distances with the rigid line of the extreme left of his predecessor.

“Let’s be brutally honest with ourselves. When an election is lost in a democracy it is because it deserves & rdquor ;, he said from the city of Doncaster, one of those old labor fiefdoms of the so-called red wall, which passed into the hands of the conservatives. The defeat to Corbyn in December was the worst for the party since 1935. Labor have lost four elections in a row. “We have given the Tories a decade of power & rdquor ;, he lamented Starmer. “That means we have to change and that is what we are doing & rdquor ;.

Patriotism and national security

In a sober and direct tone, the one who has practiced for years as a human rights lawyer, left no doubt about his patriotism, something that had been thrown in the face of his predecessor. “We love this country, as you do. This is the country in which I have grown up and in which I am going to grow up & rdquor ;. He highlighted the importance of family, security and fairly paid jobs. His party will defend social justice and regain the trust, lost with Corbyn, in defense matters. “Never, ever will Labor go to an election without being trusted on national security,” he stressed.

The coronavirus crisis, that he did not even allow him to celebrate his appointment as leader, has been practically the only issue he has debated so far with Boris Johnson in the House of Commons. Accurate, documented, fleeing demagoguery and bombast, his inquisitorial questions have wreaked havoc on the reputation of a prime minister, unable to give him an adequate information or reply. The latest poll published on Saturday by YouGov puts Labor with 40% support, on a par with the Tories. “The incompetence of this government is taking this country backwards & rdquor ;, he pointed out when recounting the fiascos in Johnson’s management with the health crisis or the agreement of Brexi. Labor must also win the trust of the British in the management of the economy, something that they always lag behind. tories.

Internal divisions

Starmer he is taking the first steps in what will be a long road to win back the electorate. By beating both Johnson and Corbyn, he is making it clear that his sights are set on the future, and the goal is to bring Labor “out of the shadow of the opposition & rdquor; to return to power. Their task begins by uniting the party, fiercely divided by internal currents, the Brexi and the complaints of antisemitism. “A missed opportunity & rdquor ;, was the reaction to the speech of the new leader of the labor group Momentum, where he takes refuge corbynismo.



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