La Profesex, the character who accompanied Raúl Portal in Noti-Dormi

What happened to the life of Paula Diagosti, the actress who provided humor and sensuality in that classic of the driver, who died this Wednesday at the age of 81. She had an affair with Luis Miguel and seduced Donald Trump.

“Hop, hop”, “Jurujujaja” and “Mboheio”.

Issued at midnight by ATC, from 1988 to 1990, those were the phrases that were spoken the most in Notice-Sleep, one of the flagship programs of Raul Portal, who died this Wednesday at age 81. Among other characters, the driver was accompanied by Darwin, a marmoset, Tristonio, a sweet potato dog, and, of course, the unforgettable Paula Diagosti, better known as the Profesex.

What happened to the brunette’s life?

In 1998, at his peak of fame, he had an affair with Luis Miguel. How? Yes. Paula traveled to Acapulco, Mexico. The idea was to take some photos that were to be published in a biographical book of the singer, entitled The lonely man.

“I have very fond memories of that trip,” Paula said over the years. “They were four wonderful days. If Luis Miguel threw the greyhounds at me? Ehhh… I’m going to say it like this: after all this time, if something happened, it has already prescribed ”.

I mean: something happened. Or a lot, who knows.

At the time, the photos that Paula took with Luis Miguel caused such a stir that, when Netflix produced the series about the artist’s life, a “recreation” of those scenes was made.

Shortly after touch and go from Argentina with the Mexican idol, the one who tried to seduce her was Donald Trump, the current president of the United States.

“I had gone on a trip to New York”, the Profesex told Claudio Rígoli, in his program As they are.

“It was housed in the Trump Tower. And I went out to buy some records … You can see that Trump, who at that time was already a very powerful businessman, saw me. And he sent one of his bodyguards to tell me that he wanted to say a few words to me. Y? I left the record store, Trump approached me and asked me what I was going to do at that moment. I told him that I was going to meet my cousin… And he then gave me a card with his details. If I saw it again? Not at all… If I had agreed to meet him, today I would be the first lady of the United States … “, finished very funny.

Over time, Paula moved away from the media and dedicated herself to her children, “Guadalupe, who was a baby when I did Notice-Sleep and now she lives in Mexico and is a model and actress, and Santiago ”.

There, Paula pauses. It changes the gesture, the look.

In 2008, “Santi” died at 17 years old, in a traffic accident. “The pain is never going to go away, but I learned to see my son through my heart. I always try to remember that wonder that touched me as a son… And he, who was very similar to me, but taller and with short hair, gives me strength and enlightens me ”, says Diagosti.

After that tragedy, Paula leaned “on art.” And she began to paint: “My friends told me that I painted with a lot of color because that was transmitted to me by my son …”.

Furthermore, in the Port of Tigre he organized “painting workshops.” And he set up an Instagram account where he publishes many of his work.

He also hosted a radio show, “On FM 97.7, from Nordelta, for the Tigre Chamber of Commerce.”


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