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The appointment last Friday of the former socialist mayor of Barcelona, ​​Jordi Hereu (2006-2011), as president of Hispasat has been the penultimate case of the relocations of former socialist officials carried out by the palace of La Moncloa since Pedro Sánchez landed there . And that when he was a candidate for the general secretary of the PSOE and, later, for the presidency of the Government, he publicly criticized the mechanism of “revolving doors” carried out by the PP in public companies.

With this procedure, the former Housing Minister Beatriz Corredor (with a salary of about 546,000 euros gross per year) acceded to the presidency of REE. Former ministers Pepe Blanco and José Montilla (former president of the Genealitat) also joined the Enagás board (160,000 euros per year each). And Miguel Sebastián, at Indra (he received 110,000 euros in 2019). The former deputy Antonio Cuevas (117,300 euros) also sits on the board of this company. They all have salaries much higher than that of the Prime Minister himself: 81,000 euros per year.

Ramiro and basketball teammates

Pedro Sánchez also remembered his friends from the Ramiro de Maeztu institute and his basketball teammates. This newspaper revealed last June that the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda headed by the former secretary of organization of the PSOE, José Luis Ábalos, had created a new General Directorate of Urban Agenda and Architecture, at the head of which it placed the architect José Ignacio Carnicero, intimate of the Prime Minister. Friends since childhood, Carnicero and Sánchez played basketball together at the Ramiro. Butcher’s salary exceeds 90,000 euros a year.

In this same ministry there is another case with many similarities. This is Andrés Arranz, president and CEO of the company Senasa (Society for Services and Studies for Air Navigation and Aviation Safety), also belonging to Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda. As this newspaper has learned, Andrés Arranz has been a friend of Pedro Sánchez since they met in high school playing basketball. You just have to see how tall Arranz is. A source has even confirmed that he was at Pedro Sánchez’s wedding with Begoña Gómez in 2007.

That friendship led Andrés Arranz, an aeronautical engineer -specialty in airports and air navigation- from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, to the presidency of Senasa in July 2018. He took office in the same act in which other pesos did. heavy from public companies: Isaísas Taboas, as president of Renfe; Isabel Pardo de Vera in Adif; Ornella Chacón at Puertos del Estado and Maurici Lucena at AENA. Arranz received 125,048.24 euros last year, according to the company’s transparency portal. In other words, his income is 40% higher than that of Ignacio Carnicero and 54% higher than that of the Prime Minister.

Arranz’s remuneration can be considered “very generous” considering that the company has 617 employees and made a profit of only 1.8 million euros in 2019. In fact, personnel expenses, 26.8 million euros, are close to the turnover (35 million).

A lawyer, to underwater electronics

This same week, the appointments of the former Socialist senators in the Region of Murcia Joaquín López (44 years old) and Susana Hernández (44 years old) as new presidents of the public companies SAES (Sociedad Anónima de Electrónica Submarina) and Sainsel Sistemas Navales, both subsidiaries of the public group Navantia, belonging to the SEPI (Sociedad Estatal de Participaciones Industriales).

In addition, the lawyer and socialist politician Joaquín López occupies the position in which Sofía Honrubia, a naval engineer from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, landed just four months ago. She was the commercial and business development director of Navantia, a company in which she has held different responsibilities for more than 20 years, both in national and international projects.

The SAES company, 49% owned by the French company Thales, is based in Cartagena and works on the Navantia S80 submarine program. It has 83 employees and in 2019 it obtained a profit of only 6,608 euros. Turnover reached 6.3 million euros and personnel expenses amounted to 4 million. The order book at the end of 2019 totaled 40 million euros.

From nurse to naval systems

For her part, Susana Hernández, a nurse at the Virgen de la Arrixaca hospital in Murcia, will occupy the presidency of Sainsel Sistemas Navales, a subsidiary of Navantia, which was vacant since December 2018 when Alejandro Ballesteros, former PP deputy for Toledo, was dismissed.

Hernández has a degree in Nursing from the San Antonio de Murcia Catholic University and a technician in Radiation Oncology. In 2011 she was elected councilor for Social Rights, Education, Heritage, Parks and Gardens of the Murcia City Council.

Sainsel, whose 49% of the capital is in the hands of Indra – 51% is Navantia-, offers engineering solutions in the fields of defense, surveillance and security. It has more than 400 equipment and systems installed in numerous ships, aircraft and control centers, for national and international clients. Last year it had a profit of 1.2 million euros. The turnover reached 11 million euros and the order book was 13 million euros.



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