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The clubs in La Liga have to spend hundreds of millions of euros less on salaries for players this season. The organization behind the Spanish league has determined on Tuesday that a total of 610 million euros must be cut on the wages of the professionals.

Transfer Memphis to Barcelona will be a difficult story

The cause is the corona crisis, which has also hit Spanish football hard. FC Barcelona is hit the hardest. The salary ceiling for the Catalans has been lowered to 382 million euros. Last year, ‘Barça’ still had 671 million euros to spend.

FC Barcelona is facing the necessary financial problems. The club expects a drop in turnover of more than 300 million euros for this season and wants the group of players to lose 191 million euros in salary as a result.

Last week FC Barcelona reported in a statement that the players “after intense days of negotiations” do not agree with this for the time being, but that both parties will continue to consult with each other.

National champions Real Madrid may spend 468 million euros, 172 million euros less than last season (640 million euros). Atlético Madrid has to make do with 252 million euros, 96 million euros less than last season (348 million euros).

The new salary ceiling will take effect from the coming winter transfer period. La Liga wants to prevent the teams from spending too much money. The maximum amounts to be spent also concern the salaries of the coaches.

FC Barcelona does not seem to be able to strengthen itself with Memphis Depay in January. The attacker of Olympique Lyon had already agreed with the superpower last summer, but he was ultimately unable to cough up the transfer fee.



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