Even snatching the award from Aitana Ocaña MTV for “best Spanish artist”, the Madrid group of punk Y power pop La La Love YouIt has been a difficult and uncertain road, but constant and never boring. Among their most media appearances, the moment in which they turned a live television program into a skating rink stands out.

“They called us from TVE to participate in the Eurovision preselection. We had a great time at the gala, although we threw a cake on the floor that was not cleaned well and people fell and slipped. A total disaster “, laughs the musical group. “A producer threatened that we would never appear there again”.

This is just one of the many curiosities treasured by this band that was conceived in three quarters in a desk of an institute in Parla (Madrid) and that in 2008 he released his first album, Ummm how delicious!

“As in many moments in punk history, we didn’t know how to touch anything. First we set up the group, we made a video clip and then we started the songs “, admit Roberto Amor (voice and guitar), David Merino (voice and guitar) and Rafa Torres (drums).

A year later came the aforementioned offer to aspire to Eurovision 2009 with the subject kiss Me, a rarity that is not even hanging on Spotify for a matter of rights of the original master, owned by the one who was its producer at the time.

There was no luck then, but the story continued to expand. In 2013 came his second, and so far his last LP, La la Love You, already with the endorsement of Subterfuge and, in 2014, it was the turn of the signing of Celia Becks.

I was a fan before I was the bassist of the group and it has become a vital project despite not having founded it, but it is how we take it “, says the musician and DJ who they met while playing in a club in Madrid.

Only six months after his entry, came the opportunity to play seven concerts in Japan. “All the songs were known and at concerts they went very crazy. I remember one where people and sushi flew. But when it was all over they again became very silent“, they recall.

However, the group has no longer relied on the LP format for their releases and They have preferred to bet on editing only singles, lighthearted themes like More colao than Colacao, Laponia O Irene.

“It’s a little more immediate: you compose it and take it out. Probably in the future we will collect the singles we have done with new material, but for now we are comfortable like this “, they comment.

However, his fame in Spain remained stagnant and the mainstream media did not make much of his progress. “The greatest susceptibilities came from our colleagues. Some tell us now that how cool such an album is that it has been published for years. If they even made us remove it in the car! “

Two turning points have allowed them to reach this point where their listeners on Spotify exceed 20 million. The first was the moment when Amaia Romero quoted them in a television program in June 2019 and the effect was immediate.

“We have a lot to thank him for. He put us in a great showcase, but we have been reaping little by little what we have sown and we have continued to do so after that “, they point to the other recent milestone in their professional advancement, the song World’s End, with ten million views.

He was born in the summer of last year as a result of a trip to Chile, a resource they often use when they want to be inspired. In that country made contact with other artists such as Planeta No, who lent them his synthesizers, creative ideas, his room and his time.

“David told us all the time: ‘I have a very good chorus, I have a very good chorus’ “, they say, mocking their partner, who acknowledges that with the message of the song, published at the end of 2019, they were “some ashes of balls”.

His was another one of those rare but happy accidents of confinement. “Nobody paid any attention to him”, they acknowledge on the first two months in the market of this theme that suddenly became a hymn of the confinement.

The end of all this journey was the achievement last Sunday of the MTV award for “best Spanish artist” imposing heavyweights with millions of followers and support from multinationals, see Aitana, Leiva, Don Patricio and Carolina Durante.

We had zero expectations. For us the award was to be nominated alongside these artists and in fact we celebrate it the same as when we won, “they say about an award that surprised them by eating pizza.

The not so happy note of all this year was put by the Celia Becks positive for coronavirus just one day before traveling to perform at the Valencia Arts Festival in October. “I was pretty sick, but not serious. I am not complaining, although I still have sequelssuch as migraines, chronic pharyngitis and reduced lung capacity, “he reports.

Although through episodes like that they have gotten used to “not get excited” with any date. In their portfolio they have concerts like the acoustic one that will give the November 26 in Burgos and that of December 11 at the Potemkin room in Salamanca, projects that make them continue with enthusiasm, such as new music with which they promise to return “very early” in 2021.