La Bombonera, dressed with flags and with special thanks on the return of Boca

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There is a message for medical personnel in the boxes. In the absence of people due to restrictions, the stadium is adorned with rags from the rocks and from the bar.

Boca plays again in Brandsen 805 after more than six months without stepping on the Bombonera. The game is from 21.30 before Freedom and with getting at least one draw they will access the knockout stages of the Copa Libertadores. There are no fans but there is a lot of color in the stands, which in times of coronavirus includes a thank you message to health personnel.

In the boxes, for example, blue and yellow braces were placed with inscriptions in different languages ​​of the word “Thank you”, which will be the most viewed image by the location of the cameras for local and international transmission. It is, after all, a small tribute that was also made in other leagues on the planet.

In addition to adapting the substitute benches to the new health regulations and to a specific work that was done on the playing field with a special reseeding (also supervised by the AFA), the club took advantage of the brake due to the pandemic to put all of them in tune the seats in the lower stalls, which finished giving the whole stadium a blue and yellow color.

By decision of the club, and with the permission of Conmebol, the banderas from different clubs, groups and fans who were hung in different areas of the stadium.

Also the brave bar, as always, tried to leave its mark and on the second tray of the local headboard one of the curtains was placed. Something that was already seen in the Defense and Justice games and also in Racing when they had to be local.

Security, meanwhile, provides a much smaller operation than usual, with a total of 300 people in the stadium, including both delegations, directors and journalists from the broadcast.

But the staff was reinforced to avoid any type of agglomeration of fans at the entrances, something that even the leadership requested in a statement made official from the club’s social networks.

It is, after all, the first official game in the City of Buenos Aires in almost six months and that is why the Tribuna Segura program is also presented, with the idea of ​​being able to identify if there are people who are not authorized in nearby areas to the stadium.

The intention is to register them and make it impossible for them to access future matches when the public can return to the courts.



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