La Beriso summoned 32 thousand people with a streaming show with a big staging from a deserted Luna Park

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After some initial inconveniences, the band gave a great recital, which offered the fascinating immersive experience of seeing it in virtual reality.

It is already known: there will be no mass recitals for several months and artists keep looking for new ways to connect with their audience. At first they were songs uploaded to their networks, then recitals almost alone and now it is time for the concerts with the whole band on the stage of a hall … but without an audience, live via streaming. AND this saturday september 12 it was the turn of La Beriso, which made it big.

The band chose the Luna Park and assembled all the paraphernalia of scenery, screens, lights and sound as if the stadium is full of people. It also opted for high quality sound and image, with characteristics of “Immersive 8D”, many cameras recording every detail, and even the possibility of watch with virtual reality wearing special “helmets”.

“This is a special moment,” said singer Rolo Sartorio about the end of the first of the three sections of the show, separated from each other by a video taken from “Full of stories”, their documentary released just over a month ago. “We have returned – he added – and it is a joy. We haven’t felt that adrenaline from playing for a long time ”.

The result was positive: La Beriso gave a great show and according to the organizers there were 32 thousand people connected (They did not clarify if it was that amount of tickets or if they calculated 4 people per household). Image and sound streaming was impeccableAlthough this technology inevitably produces complaints and inconveniences when someone does not have a good Internet connection or when more people enter than estimated and the servers do not respond well. It already happened in many similar transmissions and there were times where everything had to be suspended. Hopefully it will be solved in the near future, because the frustration of not being able to “enter” can drive the public away from this format.

Before the start of the recital, for example, a “preview” was announced with the backstage and shots from dressing rooms. It was set for 20:30 and immediately the phrases of impatience in the chat armed by the portal. The production said that it was due to 8:40 p.m., at 9 p.m. it announced that “we are late”, and at 9:30 p.m. that they had “inconveniences in the entrance”.

It was the feeling of being standing in the stalls of Luna Park and having to wait because there are still people queuing in the street; only in this case it was public that it was connected from all the provinces of Argentina, neighboring countries, Spain, Mexico, England and up to two people from Sweden and the state of Alaska, in some cases with unusual time changes.

Finally the long-awaited moment arrived and at 10 p.m. the screens of televisions, tablets and cell phones they connected live with the dressing rooms, where the band spoke, made jokes and showed that personal scope. They showed a video about the assembly and details of the audio, in addition to making statements about the decision of how and where: “We could have done it in the rehearsal room but we decided to do it in the Luna,” they said.

Half an hour later they were seen going on stage, a 30-second countdown started and a shot that showed the empty stalls (except for a few small columns of lights) and focused on the stage, where the group played Courage, the first topic, and the phrase “if I see you again, tonight anything goes”Took on a new meaning.

Continued Badly hurt, with a sax intro by Pablo Puntoriero; Poor laughter, with a great solo by guitarist Emiliano Mansilla; Hand to hand, with the first of many solos by Yamil López; and Reality, featuring the two singers in the choirs.

They closed this first section He looked back, Three women and Bandit, all with the band sounding tight and tightWithout reflecting that they had not seen each other for six months and that the first time they played together was at the sound check the night before.

Rolo just said hello and spoke before moving on to the first video. He admitted there was a delay because many people connected and joked that “it wasn’t that much either.” He read some messages, answered some questions and also said that he personally is not a supporter of streaming But he did it to be able to support the staff of technicians and assistants who had been out of work for so many months.

The second part was acoustic, with musicians sitting on benches and forming a circle with the singer facing away from the audience, an ideal arrangement to put on the virtual reality headset and move your head from left to right, as if you were right there, between them and the stadium empty. Fascinating. As shocking and real the impact produced by looking at the empty stalls of the Moon, when turning towards that side.

With less rock and more airs of folk or country music. La Beriso There he showed some ideas that he had prepared for a series of recitals at the Opera Theater suspended by the pandemic. The themes they adapted were Ungrateful, Another night more and A mistake, among others, closing with the always emotional How to forget me. They were seen to be comfortable, relaxed and enjoying themselves as much as the fans, who praised each song from the chat, the only way to interact and show their joy at the lack of being able to demonstrate it with applause.

After another video, came the final stretch and a display of energy, strength, more hits and moments as typical of La Beriso as the flute of Thoughts and the clarinet of Early morning, in addition to the slide by Yamil, the choirs by Mariana and Natalia, the horn section with Miguel Angel Tallarita, the keyboards by Conde Kung and the powerful base by Ezequiel Bolli and Javier Pandolfi.

The final onslaught left no breath: Let’s get on fire, She, Do not forget me, Legui and Treacherous. Rolo said goodbye with the promise of Until next time, and left open the possibility of seeing them again soon, in whatever format. And of course everyone’s illusion is that it is old-fashioned.



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