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Every time Nick Kyrgios observes something counterproductive And in space, if it is related to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is openly stated and this Monday it has returned to its old ways, so to speak.

And this has happened again after the controversial Australian tennis player realized that German Alexander Zverev had uploaded a video showing him having a party in a crowded bar when what he should be doing is complying with the quarantine that he had promised after participating in the Adria Tour, the tournament promoted by Novak Djokovic that has multiplied the positives in the world of tennis.

The German had tested negative that he submitted to the conclusion of the aforementioned tournament, but in view of that video he is not fulfilling his promise.

And Kyrgios, just watching the video in question did not hesitate to send him a hard message through Instagran in a locution that he recorded while driving. “I have seen many controversial things that have happened around the world, but one that caught my attention has been seeing Sascha Zverev partying. Again uncle, again? How can you be so selfish? How?”exclaimed the oceanic, one of the most controversial and peculiar players in tennis today.

“If you have the nerve to put a tweet to have your representative write for you that you would spend a quarantine of 14 days and apologize to the public for putting their health at risk, at least have the fucking shame of staying with your girlfriend even if it’s 14 days and quarantine, “he adds with apparent anger.

“OMG. I feel angry at the tennis world, really. How can everyone be so selfish? “Ends Kyrgios with words that on this particular occasion are indeed right.

Zverev participated in the Adria Tour, an exhibition tournament in the Balkans organized by the ‘Nole’, with public and without distancing, during which several players, including the world number one, were contaminated by the coronavirus,

Alexander Zverev has shown to have very little brain | EFE

In fact, ever since the number 1 in the world is being criticized from all sectors for his audacity and his unconsciousness when organizing this event in various Balkan cities that finally did not end due to the proliferation of infections.

Recently Kyrgios had attacked the US Open for insisting that the tournament be played this summer. and for this he resorted to irony, one of his specialties. “We did it, America. We have flattened the curve,” he wrote.



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