Nick kyrgios has found in Pablo Carreño your favorite victim. The Australian has returned to attack the Spanish tennis player, despite the fact that they have not faced each other recently nor will they do so in the short term on a court.

This time, in addition, it has been with the collusion of the presenters of a television program in his country, ‘The Today Show‘, where they not only thanked him, but also participated in the mockery of Carreño.

It happened after the start of the Masters 1000 in Rome, in which the Asturian lost against the arch-enemy of Kyrgios, Rafa Nadal. Asked about his previous criticisms, the ‘aussie’ answered ironically: “I gave my opinion on something and Carreño answered me. I felt that his comment was ridiculous and I decided to compare the results of our matches. What is clear is that he has never beaten me “, he recalled again about the two confrontations they have had.

To give his interviewee a field, the presenter made fun of Carreño’s abilities using one of the universal Spaniards: “What is clear is that Pablo is not Picasso”. The comment made everyone in the room burst into laughter, as if it had really been a clever joke, including Kyrgios himself.

The Australian tennis player, meanwhile, still does not step on a tennis court. He is neither in Rome, nor appeared for the US Open nor will he be at Roland Garros, as he does not feel “comfortable” traveling due to the outbreaks of the pandemic around the world.