The final decision came from the Veikkausliiga on Thursday. At least some of the parties hoped for that on Wednesday, after the Veikkausliiga board had met.

– The most important thing would be to make only one decision, stressed the CEO of HIFK Christoffer Perret on Wednesday night.

The end result is that the season ends in the regular season. There is still a definite disagreement in the clubs about that solution, when no clear opinion was reached on Wednesday.

According to Iltalehti, the clubs voted very evenly, for and against, the fate of the final series.

On Thursday, it was also confirmed in practice that HJK will be the new Finnish champion of the year 2020. KuPS can still strike in theory to reach the tie, but beating the 17-goal difference would require an all-time miracle.

It was also acknowledged by the CEO of KuPS Jarmo Heiskanen on Thursday, when the final decision had been received.

– Yes, it seems that it is impossible to fight for the championship anymore, Heiskanen said.

“Risks involved”

HJK has one more arrears ahead of it before the Veikkausliiga final round. It is currently scheduled to be played on November 4th.

Initially, the board of the Veikkausliiga made a proposal to continue the games until the last week of November, and the Football Association was to take the proposal to the board meeting on Thursday night. In the end, the Veikkausliiga withdrew. The four players on RoPS’s representative team are in quarantine, which would have entitled RoPS to demand match transfers, but the club no longer left.

KuPS would still have had the opportunity to play for the championship in the final series, but Kuopio was in favor of ending the season.

– We saw the final series as problematic. There were risks and the threat that it would be missed. It would not have been sportingly fair. Now everyone faces each other twice in the regular season. HJK has collected more points than us and deserves his championship completely, Heiskanen explained.

The contracts of some KuPS players were broken on November 22, so stretching the season for a week would have been a problem for them in that sense, too.

– We are also leaving two players on a national break for their national teams, so they would have been on the sidelines for one game.

– Before the start of the season, it was made clear and agreed that the season should end by 22 November. The situation is also mentally difficult for the players, as many have not seen their families since last January.

SJK wanted to play

There was disagreement in Seinäjoki. SJK still fought nails and teeth from the upper finals.

CEO of SJK Raimo Sarajärvi was definitely in favor of extending the season.

– Everyone had difficulties, but now there was not enough solution in the clubs. Most had a desire to end the season as soon as possible. There were reasons that players are unable to travel and so on, but one may wonder how this decision will be reflected in the Veikkausliiga rating. Its time to show.

– We all had to know that the season will be played until the end of November. It should have reacted already when the first corona cases came in TPS. Infected aside, the rest of the team tests and games continue if the tests are negative. This is the case in all other countries, Sarajärvi uploaded.

The SJK boss was amazed at KuPS’s solution.

– I wonder about it more than a little. They had a chance to win the championship. They have played a great season and were now the first to be willing to quit. It was a big disappointment for me.

According to Sarajärvi, the way in which the continuation of the season was decided is not sustainable at present.

– Administrative reform is necessary. Need to get non-club members on the board. It can’t go so that all clubs have one vote in use. If the representatives of the clubs had been left there, only the chairman would have remained. I hope this will also be understood when the reform is done, Sarajärvi said.

According to the information, Tampereen Ilves, who is at least the fifth of the other clubs in the final series, was in favor of extending the season.