Kun Agüero presented his professional esports club and wants Lionel Messi as “starter”

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The Argentine forward of Manchester City announced the creation of KRÜ through the Twitch platform and received congratulations from his friend, the captain of Barcelona and the Argentine National Team.

Sergio Agüero decidedly entered the world of esports with the presentation of KRU, your new esports team. The project is in conjunction with Manchester City and seeks to join modern activity, creating content and producing events related to the universe of technology and entertainment.

“We created KRÜ because I want them to enjoy what they do at KRÜ. I live from football, but I also enjoy it and I love it. When you are happy working, you can feel it, see it, and it gives us the opportunity to make many people happy with what we do. I want everyone who joins KRÜ to love what they do, to feel comfortable. Boost them and help them fulfill their dreams. I really like all this and I want more people to know and enjoy it as I do“Said Kun.

KRÜ will be based in Argentina and Spain, and regarding the organization’s players, they will not only be recognized regionally, but will also be in contact with the best in the world. “One of KRÜ’s ideas is to bring in and empower electronic athletes and content creators. I want you to enjoy, have fun doing this and share your joy with everyone, “said Agüero.

“From Barcelona three months ago we planned and thought about this of esports. The idea was to look for a name that was not with my name. We hired people to find the name. He left crew in English. And if we turn it into Spanish, we decide to add the KY to the U de Agüero with the two dots “.

Initially, the team will only be dedicated to FIFA 21, although they do not rule out competing in other popular video games such as League of Legends or CsGO.

“It’s going to be like Manchester City when the sheikh arrived,” joked the striker, referring to the fact that his idea is to grow little by little. “I told Leo (Messi) in Barcelona and he looked at me as if telling me what that was. I started to show him. That’s why he says I told him in Barcelona. He liked it and he copped with that video. And Benja was also very happy ( Benjamín Agüero Maradona, his son). I told very few people. They are the only two that I told “.

That is why it is not surprising that Messi wrote to him on social networks: “I wanted to congratulate you on your new team. I remember when you told me about this project. A big hug”. And Kun did not let her pass by and nailed her at the angle: “In my team, Messi is there. I will have time to do the streaming. I am missing Leo and waiting for my 99 letter (from FIFA). Supposedly in October they will send it to me.

“I always liked video games. The quarantine made me enjoy again like when I was a child. I was at home. I’m going to play the play. I started playing FIFA. I remember that Peque (Schwartzman) invited me to the Champ Play with (Paulo) Dybala. I started to like it and that people interact. At first they would bluff me. They told me to send greetings and I fell … But I shit with laughter. There was the contact. And look what I’m doing now, “added the forward of Pep Guardiola’s team.

“More and more players are streaming. The life of the football player is training, coming home and resting. You can’t go outside. You have to take care of yourself when you go out for a drink. At home you are calmer, you interact with people. Most of the players were happy, like Messi for example. He said ‘how good you did it’. There are other players with esports club, uh … Bale has, Ronaldinho. Azpilicueta, Reguilón. I think Neymar has long since, Casemiro is about to take one out. Dani Alves. Griezmann I think too. We are many…“, concluded the former Independent ..


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