Kubica: There are a couple of interesting projects on the horizon

In 2020, Robert Kubica combined performances in the DTM touring car series with the work of a reserve pilot for Alfa Romeo, and this, of course, is a very serious burden. According to the Pole, the next season will be planned differently, and he is already eyeing a couple of interesting projects.

“It was clear that it was going to be difficult, but due to the pandemic and the situation in general, in which we found ourselves, everything became even more complicated,” Robert told the Polish online publication Sokolimokiem. – For me, the season is not over yet, and until I get out of my working rhythm, I do not feel tired, although the schedule is very tight.

I do not exclude that when the season finally ends, it may take me many weeks to recover and recover. I think my next season should look different. With such a load, I realized the main thing: a person has only one health …

At the same time, we do not know when the pandemic will end, and I cannot afford a repeat of the situation that was this year. I’m not talking about participating in competitions, but I must have time to take care of my physical condition and engage in psychological preparation, so I need to find the right balance.

In my opinion, it would be naive now to plan something for the year ahead, although I hope that everything will gradually return to normal. But now I try to look at everything through the prism of what we experienced in 2020, and take this into account when making decisions or when making plans. “

When asked about the possible continuation of cooperation with Alfa Romeo in 2021, Kubica replied: “It all depends on how much work it involves. If I have to do something else, I will not be able to race in Formula 1 23 weekends of the year. The decision will depend on what exactly I have to do. Definitely, I do not want to hang around airports and go to races just to watch them on TV and follow the results of the laps.

Now I see a couple of interesting projects on the horizon, there are certain categories of races that interest me, and I have a desire to take on a new challenge. My priority list is the Japanese Super GT series, and if I could choose, it would interest me first of all, but so far there is no such possibility.

I am a very organized person, and now we need to understand what projects it makes sense to do and what not to do. In between the seasons, you may have to make an effort on yourself and force yourself to do something that a few months ago did not attract me … “



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