KU Leuven starts new research into students involved in the death of Sanda Dia

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The Catholic University in Leuven (KU Leuven) starts a new disciplinary investigation into the students who were involved in the death of the Belgian student Sanda Dia, the university writes in a message on her website. Dia passed away in 2018 during his hazing at the student association Reuzegom.

The university’s request for access to the criminal file has been granted and a new disciplinary investigation has been started, the university reports.

In addition, the students involved will not be allowed access to the university buildings until the end of this semester and may only participate in a limited way in distance education. They are not allowed to have contact with fellow students.

On Friday, the eighteen suspects, all former members of Reuzegom, were to appear in court. At least two defense lawyers, however, filed a request for additional investigation at the last minute on Thursday, causing the case to be delayed by at least a month.

During his hazing, Dia (20) had to sit in an ice bath and drink fish sauce, which caused his body temperature to drop to 27.2 degrees and his organs to fail due to too high a salt content. The engineering student died that same evening. At the time, KU Leuven settled the incident with community service for the person involved.

Among the suspects are the organizer of the hazing, Alexander G., and the former president of Reuzegom: Jef J. The student association of which those involved were members was dissolved in December 2018.



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