Actor With Kristen Bell is her husband Dax Shepardin with two daughters, 7 years old Lincoln and 5 years old Delta. Fresh Say Yes! With Carla Hall In the episode of the podcast, Bell, 40, revealed a special treat for his daughters: children like to drink non-alcoholic beer.

The actress sees nothing wrong with the kids enjoying the same drink with their father and letting them order a non-alcoholic beer at the restaurant as well. Shepard has been sober for 16 years and loves highly non-alcoholic beer.

Bell admitted in the episode that he knows he’s getting a slut on his neck from his revelation. However, he does not care about criticism, and believes he is a good parent to his children.

– When we had our first child, my husband was able to open a non-alcoholic beer and the baby took it to his mouth. It’s an emotional thing for our daughters, they feel close to their father, Bell explains.

– There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s practically bubbling juice, he explains.

You can see the picture too from here.

Bell also says children are aware of the importance of their father’s sobriety and why this can’t drink alcohol.

The children’s way has also caused astonishment in remote school lessons.

– They have a 15 minute break where they can get a snack and take a break. I might walk to the scene a moment later and both of them drink non-alcoholic beer at Zoom. I wonder what other parents and teachers really think of me, he laughs.

Twitter users, like children, were not as careless. Some believe the method may lead to more serious substance use. Some also think that brewing with non-alcoholic beer is not suitable for children.

Some even say that in reality, the drink in question would still contain small amounts of alcohol.

Source: Mirror