This is a fantastic catch for ASVEL Next season, Antetokounmpo competes in the colors the reigning double French championThe 2020 season was not over. It’s not about Giannis Antetokounmpo who is the Milwaukee Bucks’ superstar and ex-captain for one of the All-Star teams. However, it is about his younger brother Kostas Antetokounmpo (23, 2.08 m).

To complete his racquet, he is looking for a strong pivot. Tony Parker persuaded the young Greek international interior, to leave the prestigious North American championship in order to try his luck in Europe at ASVEL.The Euroleague’s latest recruit (Monaco, European champion) has only been exposed to the USA and the NBA since his debut. His big brother Giannis is not impressed. Kostas, who was drafted in the 60th spot by the Philadelphia 76ers, in 2018, can also boast that he has been championed in 2020 under the Los Angeles Lakers colors..pepsia

“Hands full talent”

The Dallas Mavericks had previously spent the Antetokounmpo brother, Shanasis, at 28 years, with the Dallas Mavericks. He is now on three mixed years. He has also been playing very little, especially during the last exercise. As a native Athenean, he was sent to the G-League (the antichamber of NBA) several times in recent months. He wanted to explore Europe and the French Championship at start of school year.(He signed a 2-year contract). TJ Parker, ASVEL coach, warns that K. Antetokounmpo is more than a name.

“It’s obviously a name that speaks to everyone, but Kostas has talent in his hands, he is very athletic, can play in positions 4 and 5. He just finished his first year in G-League. He still has much to learn. We quickly felt his determination and motivation during our conversations. We never know, Giannis may one day be able to make it to the Astroballe and see it for himself.