Helsinki Hartwall-Arena 5–8. The first Euro Hockey Tour sub-tournament of the season to be played between Russia, the Czech Republic, Sweden and Finland in November will be carried out due to the corona pandemic with strict security measures.

The Czech Republic and Russia in particular are currently the worst crown crisis countries in Europe, and the situation is not commendable in Sweden either.

Nearly 12,500 new infections were diagnosed in the Czech Republic on Saturday, raising the country’s total balance to 251,000 cases. In Sweden, there have been more than 110,000 infections and the number of new cases has increased throughout September and October. More than 1.5 million infections have been reported in Russia and the number is growing all the time with almost 20,000 new cases every day. Russian figures are generally considered underestimated.

The Czech Extraliga had to be suspended due to a corona pandemic and the series is currently on hiatus. Teams have time to play 2-7 matches before the games are suspended.

Russia will send a team of people under the age of 20 to Helsinki. In fact, all KHL teams have been more or less in the grip of the coronavirus.

My hotel

The Hockey Association has had to resort to special arrangements in order to organize the Karelia tournament.

– We have applied to the Border Guard for an exemption for Swedish, Czech and Russian national teams to enter Finland without quarantine. Every player coming to the country must be able to present a negative test result from a corona test taken in Finland, CEO of the Hockey Association Matti Nurminen told Iltalehti.

The teams are held in Helsinki in the tightest possible bubble.

– Teams are accommodated only in one hotel we use, where there are no outsiders at all. Each team has its own floor and its own dining area, Nurminen stated.

“Good understanding”

Switzerland had to cancel its participation in the Deutschland Cup in Krefeld, Germany, when Swiss A-league clubs refused to let their players into the national team due to coronary risk.

According to the rules of the International Hockey Federation IIHF, all clubs must make players available for national teams during national team breaks.

– I haven’t had any trouble getting players to the Lions. We have discussed the choices with the Finnish Championship League clubs in good agreement, Lions Head Coach Jukka Jalonen stated to Iltalehti.

Jalonen will announce his team for the Karelia tournament today, Monday, October 26.

According to Iltalehti, only players playing in Finland have been invited to Leijon. The December Russian tournament, on the other hand, should only take on players playing abroad.