With a music advisor Seppo Hovi, 73, gradually filled his calendar last spring, it seemed that there would be at least enough jobs to hit this year.

– Spring, summer and autumn seemed to be teasing in advance, the cheerful Hovi recalls on the phone.

Concern for younger people

However, the coronavirus pandemic set new plans and the calendar emptied. The changed situation has not made the music multi-actor discouraged.

– Yes, I can handle this age. The more I worried about the new generation, which is built on expertise in music and entertainment jobs and worked hard and trained in the field. It makes me feel sorry for the bastard.

Hovi is not the first to express concern about the poor working situation of workers in the event industry. However, he believes that demand in the entertainment industry will continue to grow in the future, as the value of all social interaction has increased during these difficult times.

– People’s hunger and thirst for entertainment is now hard. You can already see that all sorts of live meetings – whether there were two or a thousand people present – have become particularly important.

Yard work

When the situation began to seem worrying about the corona pandemic, Hovi retreated to his cottage. The last few months have been spent on various yard work.

– I have enough to do. We have been to the cottage a lot and we have practiced all kinds of gardening.

When there has been no work, it has felt comfortable to work on a variety of useful practical things.

– You can do endless work indefinitely! Hovi laughs.

History havinaa

As time has passed in the garden, one has also been able to do some thought work on future work projects.

– I am preparing a kind of program for the elevator, Hovi says.

In practice, this preparation means that Hovi goes through his memories of the events of the 1960s and 1970s. In the future, handwritten notes may even turn into a book, but Hovi will not take the pressure on where his work on memories still lies.

– This kind of keeping oneself spiritually alert is already a kind of absolute value, he states.

When there has been more time than usual, a music and entertainment multi-actor cooked in many broths has experienced moments of insight as he picks up his memory. For example, the youth years have taken on a whole new perspective as memories have been written down after decades.

– At the time of adolescence, you can’t mirror that still mirror things against that society, when you pretended to know everything about everything, Hovi laughs.

Jazz for the people

Another work project that has produced special joy in recent months has been an orchestra assembled by the Finnish Traditional Jazz Association, in connection with which Hovi recently received good news.

He toured a total of three in the fall for an extensive concert series. The orchestra consisted of musicians representing the swinging skills of three generations. The most experienced orchestra, Pentti Lasanen, was born in 1936 and Jukka Eskola, the band ‘s pit in 1978. So the age range is 42 years – quite a perspective on traditional jazz.

The concert recordings of the orchestra, which performed in slightly different ensembles in different autumns, have now been mixed into a record. As an advocate of jazz music for Hovi, this has been a happy turn.

– Within the framework of Finnish traditional jazz, we want to remind of this disappearing natural resource and implement it by means of today’s know-how, Hovi says.

One of the driving forces of Western popular culture that once served as jazz, there are elements he hopes to carry forward with his work to future generations.

– This has been one of the highlights of my working life. No one gets rich with this, but this is where an important issue is brought up and heard, Hovi states and smiles.