The Irish national football team was due to fly from Dublin to Helsinki on Monday. The team will face in the opening round of the Finnish League of Nations on Wednesday.

Plans changed when one Irish player was diagnosed with a coronary infection on Sunday. The infected and four exposed players were quarantined and out of the lineup for the Wales match played on Sunday.

Ireland on Monday named five new players against the Owls. In addition, the Premier League club Brighton striker Aaron Connolly was allowed to join according to Ireland, although he had previously been sidelined.

The Irish flight to Helsinki was postponed to Tuesday.

Irish Independent Magazine however, released more worrying news later Monday afternoon.

According to the Independent, another Irish player has also given a positive corona test result on Monday. The newspaper said it was not one of the players previously quarantined.

Irish Mirror reported that a new test had been taken for the player on Monday and the result is expected to arrive later that evening. Irish Examinerin according to the information received, the infected player has not been in close contact with other players.

The Irish Football Association has not confirmed the second infection. The Finnish Football Association was also unaware of the case reported by the Irish media.

– We knew that Ireland had tests on Sunday night. We have not heard of a new infection. The team should arrive in Helsinki on Tuesday afternoon, the spokesman said Mikael Erävuori said.

A drastic change

Before the League of Wales match, Ireland faced Slovakia in the European Championship qualifiers. Already in that match, the lineup underwent a change as a few players dropped out due to injuries.

Against Wales Stoke City winger James McClean took the red card, with which he is also sidelined against the Owls.

Of the original crew of 25 players assigned to the national matches, there are 17 players left.

Defender Dara O’Shea and a midfielder Jason Knight was promoted to the U21 national team.

– This has been quite an experience. I don’t really even know what to say. No one knows what happens next, and changes come daily. We just have to live with it, Captain of Ireland Shane Duffy commented RTÉ website.

Ireland played an undefeated draw against Wales on Sunday. It was a good result for Finland, as the top team in the zone, Wales, is only a point away from Huuhkaji.