Musician and actor Konsta Hietanen, 36, met his current wife as a teenager. At the time, it was already clear that if the relationship lasts and happiness permits, they want to start a family. Now they have five children, the youngest of whom is two years old and the firstborn is in seventh grade.

– Yes, we always thought that there would be more than one, Hietanen says Susanne Päivärinnan in an interview.

Happiness was down, and Hietanen was 23 when their firstborn was born. As the family grew, it became even clearer to the new parents that family life is their thing. Everyday life built on children’s terms has been a choice that has had to compromise on living standards, for example, over the years.

Money worries

Hietanen once rose to fame with the victory of the film Boy and Ilves and the Tenavatähti singing competition. However, life then took a different direction when he created a career as a professional footballer.

– The salaries of a football player are not quite terrible in Finland. When I played football, the money was enough – or not, Hietanen says.

As more children were born, more work had to be devised to support the family.

– I was a personal trainer and played football that (money) would be enough and there was always a little bit of a downside, he recalls.

Hietanen and his wife had decided that all children would be allowed to be at home until they turned three. This meant that in everyday life money had to be very strict, but the decision was strictly adhered to.

– We wanted to save something else.

A dream of a detached house

When children were born into the family at regular intervals, parents began to dream of a bigger home. Moving to a detached house meant an increase in costs, so savings had to be made elsewhere.

– Yes, we went in the red, Hietanen recalls.

Hietanen ended his career as a professional footballer in 2013. After that, he employed himself as a musician and acting as a teacher substitute. Although a lot of work had to be done, saving was important to keep everyday life rolling.

– It seemed that even if he does two jobs, so when there are children and a detached house, there is not enough (money) for anything.

The clothes were bought at the flea market at the time and money was saved in every way possible. At the bottom of the family’s shopping list were parental clothes.

– It was eaten as cheaply as possible and the wife cut the children’s hair so that we could keep that little child at home and live in a house where he could play, Hietanen says.

– Tight pulled for a long time, he continues.

New kinds of times

Hietanen’s career in the entertainment industry took off this year when he was seen on television screens for a long time, first in the Secret Lives series, and then in the Stars, Stars program, where he is still involved – as one of the pre-favorites to win. The rush of work has taken the father of the extended family with him.

– It is (now) a bit that in the morning we wish a nice day and in the evening we try to give it a good night kiss and maybe read a fairy tale, Hietanen says.

The work tastes good, but at the moment there is not enough time for the family.

– I don’t want that kind of life for a long time, he continues.

After the Stars, Stars program, it’s time to stop and think about how to balance work and family life in the future.

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