Koeman criticized a Getafe player: “He disrespected me and said very ugly things to me”

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The Barcelona manager took aim at Allan Nyom, who also hit Lionel Messi hard.

Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman revealed after the 1-0 defeat against Getafe that the Madrid team player Allan Nyom “disrespected him” because throughout the game he said “two or three very ugly things to him. “.

The Dutch coach spoke about the content of a conversation he had with Getafe coach José Bordalás after the crash: “The first thing I told him is that Nyom has shown me disrespect and has said very ugly things to me two or three times. I told Bordalás to talk to his player. “

The Getafe coach also referred to this alleged episode and said that he very much doubts that his player has insulted Koeman.

“That’s what he told me. I’m here to talk about football, not controversies. It is true that he told me. I have not spoken with Nyom. I will speak with the boy on Sunday, but I doubt that Nyom, very competitive and who lives the games, He said that, but neither I nor anyone else allow such behavior. I have told Koeman, who I highly doubt that Nyom has said any kind of insults, “he said.

Nyom in the first half starred in a strong cross with Lionel Messi who he stopped with an elbow when he tried to dribble into the area. The Argentine made sense and requested the expulsion of the Frenchman who became a Cameroonian national, but the referee only admonished him.

Beyond that controversy, Getafe took advantage of a very lackluster Barcelona. And Koeman analyzed the performance after the loss. “We did not go well at the beginning of the second half, losses of the ball. The penalty I don’t know if it is, I have to see the image. I think it was a sought penalty. Then we tried to play more on the attack with the changes we have made even playing with three defenders. We had few chances, the best in the first half and a bit of bad luck with the ball to the crossbar at the end. A very disputed game, “he said.

He also indicated that he does not like to talk about the referee and said that statistics can create an opinion.

“I do not want to. It is a complicated task for the referee. We try to play to create rhythm and it has been cut a lot. It has been difficult for us to create opportunities to score. I do not like to comment on this. You always have to think about why we have lost and that is more important Then there is a referee, two assistants and a fourth official and a VAR. I do not know if we have had VAR tonight, but looking at yourself is the most important thing, “he declared.

Source: Agencies


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