Koeman about Suárez departure: ‘Now seems like I have been the bad guy’

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Ronald Koeman believes that a too one-sided image has been sketched in the Spanish media about Luis Suárez’s departure from FC Barcelona. The trainer feels that he is held responsible for his farewell to the Catalans.

‘It is normal that Messi finds it annoying’

Koeman recently called Suárez to let him know that his perspective was clouded at the Camp Nou. According to the former national coach of the Dutch national team, he did this after consultation with the management, which wants to rejuvenate the selection after a disastrous last season.

“It now seems like I’ve been the bad guy in this movie and it’s not like that. I showed him a lot of respect in our phone conversation and told him it might be hard to play a lot, but if he stayed, he would. would be part of the selection, “Koeman said at a press conference on Saturday.

“This was not only my decision. Before I signed here, the club also thought about certain things and I tried to support those thoughts. Luis and I spoke openly about the future. He had the chance to go to Atlético. and I wish him all the luck in the world. “

Not everyone was happy with Suárez’s transfer. Star player Lionel Messi took to the lead of FC Barcelona on Friday on Instagram. “It is unfair that you are thrown out like this, but the truth is that I am to the point that I am not surprised about anything anymore,” he wrote among other things.

Koeman wasn’t really concerned about that verbal excess. “It is normal for him to find it annoying that a friend has left, but I have no doubts about Messi. He achieves a very high level in training and I am confident that he will also show that in the games.”

FC Barcelona starts La Liga on Sunday with a home game with Villarreal. The team won all three exhibition games in the preparation under the leadership of Koeman, who succeeded Quique Setién in August after the 2-8 defeat against Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

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