Kobold VR300 robot vacuum cleaner, functionalities and characteristics

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He Kobold VR300 It’s one of the robot vacuum cleaners that provides users with reliable technology for smart home cleaning. The integrated laser distance meter enables consistent and precise work, while its D shape and its side brush improves results in corners and corners. Highlight that the free mobile application MyKobold, with which you can control the functions of the equipment, is available for the iOS and Android operating systems. Among its functions: create cleaning maps with different zones, register up to 3 maps of different floors, use the robot remotely, define virtual limit lines, create cleaning schedules, and receive notifications.

Team portrait and description

Kobold is a well-known brand in the market and belongs to the German Vorwerk group. It has recently relaunched its VR300 robot vacuum with added features and functions such as recording up to 3 floor maps and creating different cleaning zones. Added to these new features is the availability of app MyKobold, to control the equipment.

Notable features of the product include a high-performance motor and brush technology to trap the smallest dirt particles, ensuring cleaning of floors and carpets. It is a device that is characterized by its D-shape to reach corners, and by having more than 15 navigation sensors in a body of 9 cm tall.

It is able to detect and avoid contact with objects, edges and stairs. Its laser sensor cleans in any light condition. Other advantages are its 90 minute autonomy and a navigation system that allows cleaning con a single charge up to 120m2. Count with one washable filter and allows a fully hygienic tank emptying, without coming into contact with dust and allergens.

Control application possibilities

The smart app MyKobold It includes instructions, tutorials and tips for handling and caring for the product, and makes it possible to consult the technical service and buy accessories.

The tests carried out on this equipment show that the application is especially useful, as it allows easy and intuitive control, as well as easy access to functions.

The application has functions of remote use and allows you to define virtual limit lines, create cleaning schedules and establish specific cleanings for especially dirty areas. In the same way, you also receive notifications sent by the robot vacuum once the cleaning session is finished, which include a visual map of the floor and the time it took to clean.

The manufacturer

Vorwerk is a German household products and services group, manufacturer of the Kobold vacuum line and the kitchen robot Thermomix. It is a company with more than 130 years of history that in Spain has a wide network of customer service points.

This is how the VR300 works

Using laser navigation and multiple sensors, it is able to avoid or overcome almost any obstacle. Navigate intelligently and line by line through the home based on SLAM technology. Three ultrasonic sensors they also detect transparent and mirrored obstacles before the robot vacuum cleaner reaches them. Contact sensors in the bumper complement the ultrasonic sensors and make the VR300 smoothly approach obstacles and dodge them easily.

Thanks to the infrared sensors, the robot vacuum cleaner also moves along walls and recognizes unevenness, including stairs. As it can overcome objects with a height of 2 cm and carpets up to 1.5 cm, it can clean the whole house.

You will indicate when you have finished cleaning by sending a automatic notification to the mobile phone. The notification will include a summary of the areas that are already cleaned and the time it took to complete the work.

At the beginning of the job, examine the house and save the results in the base map. As it can store up to three maps, it is suitable for homes with more than one story.

Most outstanding advantages

The product has allowed during tests to work on very dirty areas thanks to the spot cleaning setting that is effective for small or medium-sized areas (2mx 2m or 4mx 4m)

The application allows marking areas where the user does not want the robot to enter with boundary lines. These areas will be excluded from the cleaning plan until you decide to change it. Since some areas may require more cleaning than others, such as the space around the table after breakfast, the robot allows you to act on those specific areas.

Through the control Panel main functions such as ECO mode, cleaning programs are easily accessible Complete or Punctual, or return to the charging base.

Thanks to the high suction power, the device is suitable for almost all types of hard floors and carpets, and also for removing pet hair.

Features and utilities

The cleaning program Complete allows to vacuum the whole house. It systematically goes through each room and in case the battery level is low, it will return to the charging base and, once charged, will continue cleaning from where it left off.

Thanks to the LED indicator, you always know when to empty the dirt tank or charge the battery.

It navigates autonomously and safely around the house, for this it has ultrasonic and infrared sensors that analyze the environment and detect possible obstacles. It is able to avoid obstacles and detects stairs so it can navigate safely without falling. Recognizes and overcomes fixed obstacles up to approximately 2 cm, such as furniture legs, and carpets up to 1.5 cm high, so you can climb and clean them, following your path.

Optimal results and price

Thanks to your Li-ion battery, you can clean for 60 minutes without pause. In ECO mode, battery consumption is optimized so that it can operate even for 90 minutes and clean an area of ​​up to 120 m². When the battery runs out, the robot vacuum cleaner automatically returns to its charging base.

The motor, efficient and long lasting, it provides high suction power. It has a new brush technology to suck up dirt even better. The main brush, with 1800 revolutions per minute, manages to thoroughly clean the pores of the floor, a characteristic that is appreciated in these times when cleaning is vital.

The Kobold VR300 robot is priced around 900 euros.



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