KNVB removes all amateur clubs from cup tournament due to corona rules

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The amateur clubs will no longer participate in the TOTO KNVB cup this season due to the corona rules. The KNVB announced this on Tuesday evening.

Many amateur clubs in financial trouble

Jan Dirk van der Zee, director of amateur football of the KNVB, reported Radio 1 that the amateur clubs will no longer play in the cup tournament. Federal chairman Eric Gudde will explain the further course of the tournament on Wednesday.

Due to the corona rules, amateur football has been halted since mid-October. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced during a press conference that the ‘partial lockdown’ is expected to be in effect until at least mid-January.

Seventeen cup matches with 26 amateur clubs had already been postponed to 1 and 2 December due to the corona crisis. It has now become clear that the matches cannot be played on those dates either.

KNVB director Jan Dirk van der Zee. (Photo: Pro Shots)

“The amateur clubs now have no way of training, let alone play a match,” said Van der Zee. “So unfortunately they are going out.” Vitesse, FC Groningen, Willem II, PEC Zwolle, NEC, MVV Maastricht, Almere City and FC Volendam go through the decision to the second round without playing.

The KNVB fears that two-thirds of the amateur clubs will have major financial problems now that they cannot play until December at least.



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