KNVB: ‘No evidence that football with fans causes an increase in infections’

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The KNVB does not understand why the cabinet decided on Monday not to allow an audience to attend matches in professional football for the next three weeks. The football association reluctantly accepts the decision.

“This is of course very unpleasant. All the more so since there is no scientific evidence between the presence of an audience in a stadium and the increase in the number of corona cases in the Netherlands”, writes the KNVB in a statement signed by director of professional football Eric Gudde, director Eredivisie CV Jan de Jong and director Kitchen Champion Division Marc Boele.

“And football has really done everything and has invested heavily to create a safe situation in stadiums. We also believe that it worked very well and research shows this. We have been overloaded with compliments from local authorities. The Hague is now in favor of these measures. We have to accept this. Unfortunately.

As a result of this measure – which takes effect on Tuesday 6 p.m. and applies until 20 October, after which it will be reviewed by the cabinet – the clubs from the Eredivisie and Kitchen Champion Division are missing out on a lot of income. The KNVB therefore hopes to be eligible for government support once again.

“Having to play without an audience does of course make the call for support from The Hague even louder and louder. The cabinet will understand that as well. .

And we assume that if everyone adheres to the new measures, we will be able to play with the public again as soon as possible. And again directly at the level we are now at. Otherwise, the damage to football and other sports in the Netherlands is incalculable. “



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