KNVB is very concerned about amateur clubs after corona measures

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The KNVB is very concerned about the financial situation of many amateur clubs. On Tuesday evening, Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced that contact sports for adults on an amateur basis are prohibited for the time being. Young people up to the age of seventeen are still allowed to play football, but not in a competition context.

KNVB understands measures

“Amateur associations are not a lot of money,” reports the KNVB in a first response. “Now they have to do without a large part of their income for even longer, because three weeks ago the canteens had to be closed. How long can they take these financial blows?”

In addition, the association fears that many of the 400,000 volunteers will lose their pleasure because of the tightened measures. “They are again being called upon to change everything at their club. How long will they continue to enjoy doing this?”

Furthermore, the association expresses the fear that many players will no longer be able to charge for the sport now that the competition has been stopped. The previous season was already ended in March due to the corona crisis.

Nevertheless, the KNVB reports that it understands the ‘partial lockdown’ announced on Tuesday evening. “We too see the sharp increase in corona numbers and understand the need for measures.”

The KNVB hopes that all 1.2 million members will adhere to the corona rules. “A two-week break can be bridged for the competitions. But if this is going to take much longer, the negative consequences for the sports and social network that is called amateur football may well become structural.”

Professional football in the Eredivisie and Kitchen Champion Division continues for the time being, following the example of the past weeks. Players, staff and other people in the bubble are tested regularly, reducing the chance of a source of contamination.

On Wednesday morning, the KNVB and all other sports associations and NOC * NSF will consult with each other to further develop the measures for each sport.



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