KNVB committee against racism angry about De Boer’s appointment procedure

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The Mijnals committee, which is to promote diversity within the KNVB, is furious about the procedure surrounding the appointment of Frank de Boer as national coach of the Dutch national team. Chairman Humberto Tan says the recently established working group against racism feels cheated because the management has not spoken to colored trainers.

‘Rijkaard has been used as an alibi’

“The KNVB is talking about inclusivity, but will not even enter into a conversation with someone with a migration background, while there were plenty of options,” Tan told Wednesday. The Telegraph. “From day one it was clear that Frank would succeed Ronald Koeman. The rest was all a bit cosmetic, so the committee feels cheated.”

“It is now high time that on this point something will change within the KNVB. What happened around the appointment of the new national coach and the procedure followed are outdated”, continues Tan, who has not nominated any candidates. at the top of the board.

“Our football belongs to everyone, as the KNVB itself says. So not just a specific group. And unfortunately the KNVB has managed to create that impression again. It is high time to remove that feeling.”

Frank de Boer was appointed as head coach of the Dutch national team on Wednesday. (Photo: Pro Shots)

After the departure of Koeman to FC Barcelona in August, the KNVB spoke with Frank Rijkaard, but the former international informed the football association that he did not want to come out of his retirement for the job in Zeist.

Tan: “He was used as an alibi: look at how we work with diversity. Nonsense, because it is common knowledge that Frank has not had the ambition to do anything in football for seven years. That was out of the question.”

The KNVB announces in a response The Telegraph to talk to the members of the Mijnals committee, because, according to a spokesperson for the football association, Tan’s statements contain “wrong assumptions”.

According to committee chairman Humberto Tan, the polled Frank Rijkaard was used as an alibi by the KNVB. (Photo: Pro Shots)

The Mijnals committee was established in July to combat racism in football, after Excelsior player Ahmad Mendes Moreira was racially treated during FC Den Bosch-Excelsior in the Kitchen Champion Division in November last year.

In addition to Tan, former international Ruud Gullit, the Arnhem mayor Ahmed Marcouch, former captain of the Orange women Daphne Koster, chairman of amateur club ODIN’59 Jacinta Lieuwes, professor of sports and law Marjan Olfers, lawyer Robert Geerlings and Jeroen Visscher, former guest teacher the KNVB trainer course, a member of the committee.



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