Originally known as Human Ken Jessica Alves has again undergone surgery on his nose.

Alves was photographed in front of the hotel in Istanbul, and his nose was adorned with a large patch. The patch seemed to keep the nose “piled up”.

The social media star said in her recent Instagram story that she spent six weeks in Istanbul, and is now returning home to London.

Alves has undergone various beauty surgeries in Istanbul several times before and has undergone more than 70 cosmetic surgeries.

The nose, which has been operated on more than 10 times, has been in the headlines several times before. It has rotted once and a year ago there was concern about a falling nose.

-the last results of the surgery were initially good, but now I have a new surgery, because my nose is going to fall, and I’m really scared, Alves said the Daily Mail and in 2019.

In pictures taken last July, Alves ’nose had shrunk considerably. Now his nose looks stronger than the eyes of a layman.

Some operations have been performed to facilitate breathing.

Alves is known to have spent more than 700,000 euros on beauty surgeries, which have also resulted in complications. In addition to nasal decay and the risk of falling, his teeth have fallen and his chin has torn.

Alves has paid for his surgery with the help of his family’s millionaires. The family created the property through farming, but later the businesses expanded to run supermarkets and shopping malls as well as the real estate business. With the property, Alves can live a financially free life for the rest of his life.