KMKSZ: tragicomedy is the Ukrainian-Hungarian diplomatic strife

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Speaking to the Index, László Brenzovics, president of the Transcarpathian Hungarian Cultural Association, called the Ukrainian-Hungarian diplomatic strife tragicomic, referring back to Sunday’s statement on foreign affairs in Kiev. According to the President of KMKSZ, it is frivolous that Kiev has raised the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs Péter Szijjártó to a diplomatic level, published on his Facebook page.

László Zubánics, president of another Transcarpathian organization, the Hungarian Democratic Union of Ukraine, told Index.

According to him, Szijjártó’s call was acceptable, while Árpád János Potápi, the Secretary of State for National Policy of the Prime Minister’s Office, clearly specifically called for the support of one party, the KMKSZ. It is no accident that it provoked disapproval of Ukraine’s foreign affairs, said the UMDSZ president, adding that Sunday’s message from the Foreign Minister on Facebook will unfortunately worsen bilateral relations, as of today. protest list also handed over to the Ambassador of Hungary to Kiev.

Referring to the Education Act, Brenzovics stated that the establishment of the Transcarpathian Hungarians as a separatist was completely unfounded. There is a basic Ukrainian-Hungarian treaty in which Hungary recognizes the borders of Ukraine and the Ukrainian state has an obligation to ensure that it does not restrict the rights of Hungarians in Ukraine.

Said the Transcarpathian politician.

Asked whether Potápi, as a representative of the Budapest government, is talking about who to vote for in the sovereign territory of Ukraine, which is also recognized by Hungary, Brenzovics said: he does not consider this a matter. According to him, Ukrainian domestic policy is concerned with informing negatively about Hungary and Transcarpathia, while ignoring Budapest’s generous gestures. Potápi spoke about the elections in Transcarpathia at an event where kindergartens renovated with Hungarian help were handed over. On the other hand, it was not mentioned that while no ventilators arrived from the Ukrainian Ministry of Health in the crisis, the Hungarian government donated 50 ventilators to the region.

However, Brenzovich expressed hope that sooner or later Ukrainian-Hungarian relations would improve.

In the Transcarpathian County Assembly, the KMKSZ candidates received about 10 percent of the votes. Where a significant number of Hungarians live, KMKSZ also won seats, the supporters and candidates of KMKSZ won as the leaders of the micro-regions, and the mayor of Beregszász, Zoltán Babják, was able to resume.

Zubánics pointed out: apart from the KMKSZ and the UMDSZ, only the Transcarpathian Ukrainian party of our homeland is region-specific. However, only the results of the micro-region and the mayor can be stated, the final results of the county will be summarized on November 11 at the earliest. In the Beregszász micro-region, KMKSZ received about 36 percent of the votes and UMDSZ almost 20 percent. Zubánics added: Zoltán Babják, the mayor of Beregszász starting as an independent, enjoyed the support of both Hungarian political parties. The UMDSZ supported 8 micro-regional mayoral candidates, of which 6 won seats.

The city of Uzhhorod is also in question, because about 1,000 candidates from 25 parties ran in the elections.

Regarding the lack of cooperation with the UMDSZ, Brenzovics said that he offered every second place on the KMKSZ county candidate list to the UMDSZ, but the latter Hungarian organization did not make use of it. Instead, he reached an agreement with the Ukrainian ruling party, but no seats were won with its list. However, the UMDSZ has politicians who made it to the county assembly on the KMKSZ list.

Zubánics added that KMKSZ is the only one with a county list, and it is a fact that he offered every second place to UMDSZ. There was a lack of co-operation in the elections to the county council, as the KMKSZ indicated in all other regional votes that it intended to run alone. The UMDSZ did not use the offer for the county list because, according to the election rules, its candidates would have been on the list only nominally, the UMDSZ candidates would not have won seats in practice. It was gesture-worthy, but that was the offer of KMKSZ.

As for the agreement with the governing party, the President of the UMD explained that this was a memorandum on the establishment of local cooperation after the elections, which did not apply to the elections at all. Two former UMDSZ members did indeed start on the KMKSZ list, but they did not agree with the party, so they were suspended from office and membership as part of an ethical procedure.



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