Klopp does not think that Liverpool is making a statement with victories at top clubs

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp does not necessarily think that his team has sent a signal to the competition in the opening phase of the Premier League. The reigning champion won against Arsenal (3-1) on Monday, after previously beating Chelsea (0-2).

‘Liverpool just has a higher level’

“We don’t make statements, to be honest. I have to do that every time during a press conference because you ask me questions, but besides that we just play football and we want to win games. That has been quite successful so far”, Klopp said afterwards. .

Liverpool started the season with a penalty-kick defeat against Arsenal in the battle for the Community Shield, but are still unapproachable in the Premier League. The ‘Reds’ started the competition with a spectacular 4-3 win over Leeds United and are therefore without a loss of points.

“It was clear in advance that Chelsea would be very strong. And Arsenal has been given wings by winning the FA Cup and the Community Shield. So when I saw the program I thought, well, that will be difficult. But we have our way. We’ve gotten through it. It is now important to remain constant, “said Klopp.

For Arsenal, the loss against Liverpool was the first downer of this season. The ‘Gunners’, like Liverpool, had a perfect start to the Premier League, but clearly fell short at Anfield and failed to hold on to a surprising 0-1 lead.

“Liverpool is just on a higher level and much further in development,” Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta said. “That is a result of the good work of many years. We are only at the beginning. In our current composition, we have actually only been busy for a year. We still have to grow. That makes sense.”

“Much of the Liverpool squad has been together for five years and during that time the players have worked with the same coach. Together they have become the best team in the Premier League. what they can do now. “

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