Klebber Toledo opens first tattoo studio: ‘New challenge for me’

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Klebber Toledo has just opened his first tattoo studio, being the fourth unit of the Old Factory Tattoo, in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. Appointed for TV Globo’s soap opera “Olho por Olho”, the actor commented on his debut in the tattoo business. “According to statistics, for every ten people in Brazil, six of them have tattoos. I believe that prejudice is going away and it has to go more and more, because tattoos have to be seen as art,” he said. Recently, Bruno Gagliasso left a mark on his skin in honor of his third son, Zyan, and Anitta ventured out with more than five new designs on a trip to Europe.

Klebber Toledo explains the meaning of his tattoos

Klebber Toledo’s relationship with tattooing is not new. Married for two years to Camila Queiroz, the actor has spread drawings with different meanings. “On my calves I have one that refers to surfing and another one that refers to the world and nature. On the ribs, I have one that refers to my sign, of twins, which was the first one I made. Old Factory Tattoo This one has a meaning more related to the world, where sometimes you live more alone and still try to defend what you believe “, he explained to the magazine” Exame “.

‘I want to give tattoo artists a new visibility’

In an interview, Klebber Toledo said that he hopes to help demystify and de-marginalize the image, according to him prejudiced, that some people still have of professionals. “My acting profession brings natural visibility. The tattoo artist is an artist and is often marginalized by his lifestyle. So not only is the market favorable, but it also promotes an equal cause (…) I want to give a new visibility for tattoo artists and also for tattoo artists, as it is a market that has been growing a lot for women “, he declared. According to the heartthrob, his idea is to expand in Rio de Janeiro, but already exploring possibilities in Brazil: “South, Midwest and, in the future, São Paulo”.

Friend and partner praises Klebber Toledo in the business

The inauguration of the Old Factory Tattoo takes place this Thursday (01). “Klebber has a broad artistic vision and will help us a lot in this curation. It is a universe that he likes, identifies with, understands and actively participates in, contributing new ideas. It also helps us to communicate with the final public, being a unique, consecrated actor, with charisma and popularity “, he declared Renato Vidal, businessman from Rio de Janeiro and founder of the brand.

(By Rahabe Barros)


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