Kimi Räikkönen the opening round in the Portuguese GP is immersed in F1 history books. The improvement of ten places in just over a minute has received the deserved incense.

Video of Räikkönen’s departure has aroused much admiration on social media. The art of the 41-year-old Iceman at the wheel of his car has been admired by both journalists and colleagues.

The story continues after the video.

Ferrari teammate of Räikkönen’s seasons 2007-2009 Felipe Massa admired the Finnish tour by sharing a link to a video that had already been deleted and illegally uploaded to Twitter.

– Incredible start and first round from Kim!

F1 supplier Chris Medland was also an admirer.

– The tour was simply amazing.

The popular WTF1 formula media raised a relevant topic of discussion on Facebook, whether Räikkönen’s performance is even the best opening round ever.

Ayrton Sennan the departure in Donington in 1993 is the best ever. Kimi Räikkönen: hold on to my ice cream, the site is sober.

Senna rose from fifth place to the top spot in the rainy European GP in 1993. This driving performance is considered one of the best in F1 history, so Räikkönen’s start is in a tough caste.

Räikkönen’s driving performance has unequivocally garnered praise among ordinary F1 fans as well.