Alfa Romeo team manager Frederic Vasseur has commented on the driver situation in his stable for a Russian Championatille.. Decision Kimi Räikkönen you can still wait a couple of weeks for the next step in your career.

Penetrate the stable

The team, which has collected four World Championship points this season, has froze at the base of the series. Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi have not been able to shine with last year’s model in the C39.

The stable has become one of the most interesting in the driver market for next season. In addition to the current driver’s duo, as many as three Ferrari junior drivers have been taken to the stable, in addition to which Sergio Perez has been involved in rumors.

Leading the F2 series Mick Schumacherin the rise to be a Friday tester at the Nürburgring, at least, does not dampen talk of a German rise to become the team’s second race driver. As a Ferrari junior, he would take the driving position now held by Giovinazz, so he would not threaten Räikkö.

According to Vasseur, the team is going to wait for a while for the driver market to develop.

– We have no deadline for signing agreements. We’ll talk to Kim over the next few weeks to find out where we’re going now. We will then discuss their decision with Ferrari, Vasseur says.

Vasseur has heard rumors that Räikkönen has already agreed on the future with the team.

– Of course! But a couple of weeks ago, the media spoke similarly Nico Hulkenbergistä. And before that Sergio from Perez. And before that From Sebastian Vettel. Journalists are allowed to write what they like, but that doesn’t affect my decision-making, Vasseur notes with a laugh.

Two juniors?

Ferrari is entitled to another driving position on Alfa Romeo. The team is free to choose the second place, but there is nothing to prevent you from choosing another driver supported by Ferrari.

This is not only a straw for Giovinazz, but also for those competing in the F2 series Robert Shwartzmanin and Callum Ilottin opportunity.

Vasseur thinks thinking of two newcomers is a risk, but not an impossible one.

– Of course it’s possible. Next year, it will be easier to think about newcomers with this year’s car.

The F1 season continues next weekend at the Nürburgring. In that race, Räikkönen will be the driver with the most F1 starts ever.