The other free practice of the Tuscan GP in Mugello took place under the command of Mercedes. The new race track offered events in the form of a crash and a run-out.

Just over a quarter before the end of the session, the TV picture was cut by Alfa Romeo Kimi Räikkönen to a car that was on the sand. The cause became clear a moment later from the slowdown.

Losing their Racing Point seat after the season Sergio Perez joined the track from the depot when Räikkönen swept towards the opening bend of the track. A Mexican forced his car into an opening bend at the same time as Räikkönen, hitting the stern of a Finnish car.

-What the fuck happened? The car came from the depot, Räikkönen wondered on the team radio.

The front wing of Perez’s car broke down, but both he and Räikkönen were able to bring their car back to the depot.

The jury took the collision into investigation. Possible sanctions will be heard later in the evening. The session was also suspended for a moment as the railway officers cleaned up the scrap from the front wing of Perez.

The rehearsals also saw another situation requiring red flags after McLaren Lando Norris crashed into the wall of his car, suddenly running away from the man’s hands.

Mercedes had the fastest pace. Valtteri Bottas was the fastest by two-tenths Lewis to Hamilton. The next places were followed by the Red Bulls before the Renault.

Räikkönen was nicely ninth in the practice, Ferrari’s best driver in the place race Charles Leclerciä better positioned.

Sebastian Vettelin Ferrari, on the other hand, froze along the track after the checkered flag had already swung. The German complained about the loss of engine power.