On Sunday, Kimi Räikkönen drove ninth in the Imola GP and grabbed two World Championship points. The performance was great, because the Finnish driver left on the starting screen 18.

Five drivers had to interrupt the race. Nevertheless, Räikkönen raised his ranking by nine places.

The strong performance convinced the audience, as Räikkönen was voted the best driver of the day.

On Sunday, Räikkönen drove a wild 49 laps without a depot stop. He made a stop just before Max Verstappen’s interruption and safety car.

The iceman was fourth before the tire change. If Räikkönen had been on the track for a while, he could have benefited from the safety car and climbed to an even higher position. Lewis Hamilton succeeded in such a trick in the middle of the race.

– I don’t know if it would have changed much. We should have been more patient in that situation, Räikkönen said in an interview after the race.

Räikkönen drove Ferrari behind Sebastian Vettel for a long time. The duo have driven the same places on several occasions this season, although Ferrari’s pace should be enough for a higher one.

On Sunday, Charles Leclerc was Fifth and Vettel 12th.

– I stayed on a Ferrari ride, he was a little faster. We were constantly on the verge of extremes.

Sunday’s race was important to Alfa Romeo as Antonio Giovinazzi also scored. The young driver’s ranking was tenth.

– Anyway, both cars got points. This is not where we want to be, but it is an improvement, Räikkönen concluded.

Räikkönen and Giovinazzi are 16th and 17th in the World Series. They both have four points.

Lewis Hamilton was the winner of the Imola GP. Walter Bottas was second and foremost Daniel Ricciardo third.