Alfa Romeo -kuskista About Kimi Räikkönen will be the driver with the highest GP starts of all time in his F1 history over the weekend in Germany.

Räikkönen is currently at the top of the statistics together with Rubens Barrichello. Both have 322 race starts. If and when Räikkönen is on the starting line on Sunday, he will rise to 323 race starts.

– Every record is sometimes broken in most species. That’s just always the case. I have said several times, it does not affect me at the moment. Maybe in the future, when I look back, whatever the number or ranking is going to be, I might look at it differently, Räikkönen commented on F1’s website.

Fernando Alonso will return to the F1 series next season and he may threaten Räikkönen’s future record with his 311 race starts – especially if Räikkönen ends his career this season.

The Iceman began to laugh when asked if this thing would affect his decision about his future in formulas.

– That’s not a reason to stay or not.

Breaking the record will not affect Räikkönen’s preparations for the race weekend.

– Record or not, I prepare for the weekend in the same way as the others, because when you’re in the car, it’s the same every time. You have to do the work and get the best possible result on Saturday and Sunday. We have taken a few steps forward, but we should get even higher.

The F1 season continues over the weekend on the German Nürburgring.