Kimi Räikkönen has recently entertained formula fans with various videos. The Iceman succeeded in having fun again when Alfa Romeo planted him and Antonio Giovinazzin question session.

Both drivers had to close their eyes when asked wholesale questions. After the questions, they had to point the finger at the answers. The first question was which one is more fun.

Räikkönen showed oitis himself, but Giovinazzi wasn’t sure at all.

– You can point in that direction Antonio. Don’t be selfish, Räikkönen stated and made his teammate laugh.

Giovinazzi then asked which one Raikkonen showed.

– What do you think, Räikkönen replied.

Both drivers showed each other when asked which is the better dancer. Again, Giovinazzi burst out laughing.

The Italian laughed again at the next question and showed a laugh accompanied by Räikkö when asked which spoke less. According to Räikkönen, Giovinazzi, on the other hand, talks more about team radio.

– I hear complaints all the time, Räikkönen threw.

You can watch the video published by Alfa Romeo from the embedding below. If the embedding is not visible, you can view it from here.

The next F1 race will be run next weekend on the Sochi track in Russia. Räikkönen opened his season account in the previous race on the Italian Mugello track by driving ninth.