Alfa Romeo-kues With Kimi Räikkönen there were enough events on the Nürburgring track, but one in particular spoke after the race.

The Finn crashed Williams at the beginning of the race George Russellin with. As a result of the collision, Russell had to be suspended.

– We hit each other and that’s about it. I got a penalty and suffered it, Räikkönen commented on C More’s broadcast after the race.

Russell shared his own views on what happened. He battled Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel as the trio drove to the first corner of the track. Räikkönen was behind the duo and tried to pass Russell.

– There was quite a lot of space inside and Kimi lost control of his car and he crashed with me. The car spun almost around. A very annoying way to interrupt. The car felt good, Russell commented on C More’s broadcast.

Räikkönen received a 10-second time penalty for the situation.

– The fact is, I’m standing here and he’s still on the track. It wasn’t intentional, of course, it was a misjudgment from him. It is not for me to comment on that. It was a race, Russell said of Räikkönen’s punishment.

In the end, Räikkönen was unable to rise to the points. Räikkönen summed up the whole Eifel GP weekend briefly in his familiar style.

– The whole weekend was not good. Yesterday and this days were far from ideal.