The F1 series shed light on the kind of radio conversation on Alfa Romeo in a video posted on Instagram Kimi Raikkonen attended the Italian GP with his race engineer on Sunday.

With Ferrari Charles Leclerc rushed out at a brisk pace, red flags began to sway on the track and the race was suspended for good luck.

Drivers drove to the depot to wait for the race to continue.

– All ok in a crash? Raikkonen asked.

– Yes. He jumped out of the car, the race engineer said, adding that he didn’t know why the red flags were fluttering.

– Heaters for the tires as fast as we can, Räikkönen said.

– Yes Yes.

– Hurry up, guys.

– According to the plan, we will get at least 10 minutes of warning before the new start, so … If you want to stay in the car, stay. If you want to get out, come on.

– Ok, but where are the heaters?

– Yes Yes.

– They can be put. Then put them on! Stop fucking saying you are putting them on. Let’s put them on! Look for them. Let’s put them on, Räikkönen commanded.

– Yes Yes.

By Tuesday night, the video had been viewed more than 1.6 million times.

Räikkönen was in a good position when the red flags were swinging and would even take second place in the race after the restart. However, Alfa Romeo could not keep up with the pace behind them and Räikkönen crossed the checkered flag in 13th place.

If the video does not appear below, you can watch it from here.