Kimi Räikkönen got to present Finnish delicacies to his teammate Antonio Giovinazzi. The idea was that the Italian driver was shown a picture of traditional Finnish food and had to guess what kind of food it was.

For Räikkönen, the riddle session provided great entertainment, as he smiled and laughed at the responses of the lost Giovinazzi.

The video introduced foreigners to a reindeer shake that often sound special.

– What is this, is this meat or dessert? Giovinazzi wondered as others around laughed.

Of the desserts, the classics were brought to the fore: the ear tree and the mummy. The latter was a difficult piece for the young driver.

– Mamma mia, Giovinazzi said as soon as he saw the dose.

– Yeah, it’s mommy, Räikkönen replied coldly.

– Dark chocolate, I don’t know, the Italian driver guessed.

– No, it really isn’t chocolate, Raikkonen laughed.

Immediately after Mommy, a picture of a black sausage was struck on the table, which is apparently one of Räikkönen’s favorite delicacies.

Something from the quick trip to Finnish food culture apparently also came to mind, as Giovinazzi revealed that he knew something in advance.

– Yes Kimi, meatballs!

You can watch the full video below or from this link.

Räikkönen drove superbly ninth in the Tuscan GP last weekend. Giovinazzi was involved in the crash and had to be suspended.