Kimi Raikkonen grabbed his last F1 win of his career so far in Austin a couple of years ago.

After the race, the Ferrari driver was suddenly presented by an F1 journalist Chris Medlandille confusing question in the press room. There were no other people present at the time.

– Do you have a son? Räikkönen asked unexpectedly.

Medland says The Pad-Hoc in his podcast, he was completely confused about the Finnish question.

– What?

After this Max Verstappen arrived in the room to listen to the discussion, and Räikkönen asked his question again:

– Do you have a son?

Medland was still amazed at the “Iceman” question, but gets an answer in the end.

– No.

Verstappen began to laugh at the situation, but Medland was absolutely horrified. Räikkönen, on the other hand, continued to “bully” Medland.

– There’s a child hanging out there that looks like he could be your son.

Medland replied to the Finn that he was not aware of any child. The journalist’s resentment made Verstappen joke about the subject.

– What exactly were you doing here a couple of years ago? the Dutch chanted Medland with a twinkle in the corner of his eye.

Räikkönen laughed at Verstappen’s question and threw more steam into the stove.

– He is not aware of it, but he has a son, Räikkönen hosed on Verstappen.

Medland did not reveal how the conversation eventually ended, but he clarified the matter to the audience.

– He wasn’t my son. He waited for Kim outside to get his signature on his cap or something. But I was absolutely horrified then.

Although the situation was quite uncomfortable for the journalist at the time, Medland feels it has helped him in his work.

“The fact that Kimi scared me so badly might be the reason he’s ok when I ask him questions,” Medland thought.

The F1 season continues next weekend at the Belgian Spa, which is one of Räikkönen’s favorite tracks.

If the tweet to the Medland story doesn’t appear on your device, you can watch it from here.

MTV was the first in Finland to report on Medland’s story.