Kim Verson on the recording of the video for the ballad “For a little gentle touch”

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Singer-songwriter Kim Verson presents her new song to the public – “For a Little Gentle Touch” talks about unrequited love, a complex relationship between two people and frequent situations in which a person cannot reach a partner because he is emotionally unavailable. Sometimes this problem seems like a vicious circle from which it is difficult to get out, and it is precisely with this that she was inspired for music and lyrics.

Photo | Josip Ninković

“Each of us has gone through those famous‘ love problems ’and that’s okay, that’s life. You fall in love, you get into a relationship, you get disappointed, you fall, you get up and move on. You get the best out of that relationship, and if you’re also an author – then use the situation along the way and write a song. I have learned a lot in love, and above all to respect myself more and to notice in time some important things without which a relationship cannot have a bright future. Love hurts, but it still hurts a little less when you finally admit to yourself that she wasn’t right, ”says Kim Verson about the inspiration.

The song that wins on first listening, was created in collaboration with the famous producer Alan Dović.

“This is my first collaboration with Alan Dović and I really liked his dedicated approach to work, good ideas for arrangements and quality, modern production. I am glad that he really liked this song, as well as the rest of the material that is being prepared “, comments Kim.

The idea and script of the video was also conceived by a young singer-songwriter, who presents this single and video to us as her complete, creative work.

“I had exactly in my head how I should look in the video, and I decided to go for that casual, more urban style with a dose of romance, just in line with a song that’s modern and a bit retro at the same time,” Kim says.

The director with whom this young musician has been collaborating for a long time is Josip Ninković.

“It was a lot of fun, relaxed on the set and everyone really enjoyed it! You will soon be able to see the short “Behinde the scenes” video we are preparing for you, “says Kim Verson.

The video also presents a new and interesting image of Kim Verson.

“This is a serious shift in my music and career because I went a little further out of my frame in terms of looks in the new video, and the song itself is something completely different and much more mature. The video brings a great emotion, sensuality and attraction, and we shot it in the famous Johann Franck club and in the Zagreb Dance Center. We have really achieved a transformation, and my team of wonderful and talented people who are passionately dedicated to their work is responsible for that “, says Kim about shooting the video.

Julijana Besek took care of the flawless make-up, and Dino Škrtić did the super-cool hairstyles.

Prosecco Mionetto, a fine sparkling wine from the heart of Italy, took care of the great mood and pleasant atmosphere on the set.



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