Sung at the launch of the Finnish Vida Kuulas food supplement series Kim Herold admits that singing gigs have been low lately. First appearing as a model and then as a musician, Kim has recently focused on a different kind of audience. He pulls workouts on Facebook.

– I am included in the free My BnB Facebook group where I pull the body weight of, mainly, mobility, and heart rate workouts. We started with three hundred members and now there are already almost 78,000 involved, he says.

Kim earned her personal trainer qualification ten years ago. He wanted more to do after realizing that making a record always takes years. The man who first became known as a sports model already has a youth from his youth. He played handball at a young age and won the Finnish championships in juniors. In his forties, exercise is again strongly in his patterns.

– At the moment, life is largely based on sports. I have always been hard to train. Or well, in the wildest rock times it was less.

He is a partner in a wrestling hall, where he also wrestles. In addition, he competes in Brazilian jujutsu.

– Sport has calmed me down. I can’t be terribly reluctant. And I’m not young and I want to work out hard. At some point in life you have to choose what is important. For me, it’s a sport.

Decision revoked

There are, of course, a few important things at home. A year ago in August, Kim married her longtime girlfriend. The couple has a one-year-old dog.

– Benji is a great guy. Such a mixed breed lab noodle poodle. I always thought I would never get a dog, but now it’s my best Buddy. We have terrible wrestling matches every night. The fingers are quite scattered when Benji bites, Kim says with a smile.

He has not forgotten the music either, although the focus has been elsewhere for a long time.

– Yes, I write a bit of songs, but for a while nothing new has been born. If everything is fine in life, it is difficult to make texts. It would take a mess a week to get something done! But that is no longer the case.