Chinese herring was first discovered in the United States (Vespa mandarinia) in December last year from Washington State. The alien species is a serious threat to honey bees.

Pests, often called killer or killer bees, tear off the heads of honey bees. Washington State Agricultural Authority (WDSA) by a small number of killer bees can destroy an entire hive of honey bees in a matter of hours.

The Chinese herald is also dangerous to humans. It can grow up to five inches in length and secrete a strong neurotoxin. The species is native to Asia and in Japan, for example, about 40 people die each year from stinging the species.

The spread must be stopped now

The WDSA has fought against the spread of the species and has been assisted by information technology. On Thursday, the first nest of Chinese herdsmen was found.

A mini-sized radio transmitter was attached to the backs of a few captured Chinese herons. Following them, the nest was found in a tree cavity on the plot of a private landowner, writes CNN.

The nest is scheduled to be cleared on Saturday. It was the first nesting of Chinese herons found in the United States.

The WSDA is trying to track more nests. The goal is to get the species extinct before it can spread more widely.

If disposal is not successful now, it is soon feared that it will be too late.