As is often the case when counting efforts of this type, the best thing to do is to put yourself in your shoes and imagine something similar in your own person. A running track and spinning: that’s what Kilian Jornet got, mountain athlete, adventurer and physical prodigy, in order to carry out a “nutritional test”, as he himself stated on his social networks.

The test concluded six hours later, during which Kilian gave 210 laps of the track to complete 84.89 kilometers at a rate of 4.13 per km, that is, he did two marathons in a row under three hours.

As crazy as it may seem, it is not the most demanding training for Jornet, who always likes to push his body to the limit, running for hours without food or drink until literally passing out, or carry out runs of several days and many tens of thousands of meters of accumulated unevenness, going up and down.

He himself gave the explanation of this test shortly after: “Progression comes from adaptations, adaptations come from training and rest, training comes from knowledge and knowledge comes from testing. Yesterday I did a nutritional test. In a stable environment (a track) and an easy but constant effort, I have been trying different refueling and hydration protocols that I hope can help me improve energy levels during different goals, from a race where we can have access to fluids and food to when we want a high climb where we have limited food and fuel as we have to carry everything. I believe that testing is important to have a better knowledge of yourself and apply this knowledge in training, races or projects.

Among those projects, and in addition to the recently created foundation for the protection of nature and the environment, the Spanish athlete has planned a move that was unthinkable for him until a few years ago: from the mountain to the asphalt. In a couple of weeks will debut with a 10K in Norway, where the goal is to get below 30 minutes, something he already achieved a few days ago in another ‘made in Kilian’ training session: a vertical kilometer at full throttle and then 10 kilometers with the remaining gasoline. And he managed to finalize them in less than half an hour. And already next year, another challenge appears on its horizon, the marathon. It will be as long as Maj, the little one of her sleepless nights, allows it. “Having my daughter has changed my life,” she confesses.